Yorgos Lanthimos directs new jaw-dropping Gucci campaign (VIDEO)

Yorgos Lanthimos

Yorgos Lanthimos

Greece's Yorgos Lanthimos has collaborated with luxury fashion house Gucci, directing their new campaign for the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, and the result is spectacular!

The Greek director who the whole fashion world is talking about, created something very different and unseen, giving horses human characteristics.

The highly surreal campaign celebrates paradox and surrealism. Horses coexist with humans on the streets of Los Angeles, at the car wash, at the pool, at the beach and even on airplanes.

The campaign also seems to draw inspiration from the film 'The Lobster', in which people who were unable to find a partner were transformed into animals.

The shooting of the campaign took place at the Chateau Marmot Hotel in LA. "Never underestimate the power of a triple ... especially if it includes a horse. Is it a long-haired, tail-pet? A family member? A therapeutic agent? A reference to Gucci's ongoing equestrian genealogy of DNA? A mythological reincarnation of a deity of love? Maybe all this, maybe nothing," Gucci stated with the release of the video.

The horses not only symbolise freedom, but also the power of fashion and personal style as a way of expression.

It's like watching a movie piece by Lanthimos, a Greek filmmaker who has an astonishing international career.

*Watch it here-

*Image courtesy of Gucci