EBRD proposals to slow down 'overtourism' on popular Greek island of Santorini

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Santorini overtourism

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), has proposed ways to curb overtourism on one of the world’s popular but overcrowded islands, Santorini.

With more than two million people flocking to the Greek island of Santorini annually, the island is struggling to cope and the ecology of Santorini is at risk.

The vision for 2030 according to the report, is for Santorini to become a luxurious island paradise, known worldwide as a leader in sustainable tourism management.

The proposed measures include authorities reducing the number of tickets during peak months for access to Oia (the spot to watch the sunset from), as well as restrictions on disembarkations from cruise ships and limits on the duration period of Airbnb rentals.

With regards to infrastructure development, it is proposed to explore the possibility of establishing a new modern port and onshore port facilities to accommodate cruises and improve the road network throughout the island.

Waste management has also been addressed which includes developing a recycling network, the prohibition of single-use plastics, regular cleaning of adjacent waste areas and the reuse of water by biological purification for irrigation.

Voted as the ‘Best Island in Europe’ for 2019 by the readers of US travel publication Global Traveler, a monthly publication aimed at frequent business and luxury travellers, visitors from all over the world want to see and experience the island for themselves.

Not to mention, Santorini has become the country’s most ‘Instagrammable’ spot, with over 5.2 million posts with the tag #Santorini.

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