New ‘Business Visa’ tabled in Parliament

Greek parliament

Greek parliament

An amendment in the Brexit bill to institute a new form of business invitation, the so-called 'business visa' was submitted to Parliament by Alternate Foreign Minister, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis.

The 'business visa' amendment concerns third-country nationals wishing to enter Greece to attend conferences, exhibitions, meetings or business events without having to follow the usual procedures.

Specifically, Greek citizens will submit to the competent consular authorities a standard invitation form, while assuming responsibility for hosting the visa applicant.

As there have been a significant number of visa rejections, or delays if granted, the introduction of the business invitation makes the visa process more efficient and faster as applications will be processed within 15 days.

According to Varvitsiotis, the amendment is the right direction and responds to the chamber's long-standing request to facilitate companies to accommodate business visitors, as they are still facing lengthy visa procedures for third-country nationals.

He stated that in case of violation of the terms by the guest, the company will lose the right to submit a new application.