Emilia Bechrakis launches new YouTube channel sharing personal IVF journey



Greek American solicitor Emilia Bechrakis and Million Dollar Listing New York star Ryan Serhant are sharing their very personal IVF journey with the world, revealing the many highs and lows before the arrival of their daughter Zena.

On her new YouTube channel, the 34-year-old mother reveals it was very difficult to “let people into our private life” with the couple now willing to share their experience in the hope of helping others also struggling to conceive.

Emilia and Ryan kissing their gorgeous baby girl Zena

Ryan and Emilia tried to fall pregnant naturally for three years before attempting IVF, with the difficult road impacting the couple's marriage.

Emilia made a very candid statement on social media while beginning their IVF process:

"Remember when you were fun? Before the shots, before the fertility meds, before the ten millionth time you were poked at and probed at by a nurse or doctor? [B]efore you had to schedule time with your partner or before your heart broke each month? Fertility challenges, can take a couple through a roller coaster ride. One that can last for years. The stress, the anxiety, of not being able to get pregnant can take a toll."

She continued, explaining the couple's personal journey with IVF: "Our own road leading up to IVF, was the toughest. I lost that light and bubbly disposition during that time. Looking back, I wouldn’t change any of it. You read that correctly. There were lows, but there were enlightening highs. When Ryan and I got to see one another at our strongest and even our best. We bonded more than ever before. Became a family before a baby and fell in love all over again. I finally, stopped expecting him to be a superhero with the ability to read my mind (sorry puffer for forgetting this one lots lately) and started to understand him more. I respected him for stepping up and really being there. In many ways, I’m grateful we got the time to rebuild our relationship with an even stronger foundation, before we welcomed Zena."


During the short promo clip for the new YouTube series, Ryan is heard saying, “Dear future eggs, we’re counting on you to drop like champs,” as Emilia attempts an injection.

In the next scene, Emilia reveals that she is pregnant with their first child, as she cries while holding a pregnancy test in her hand and confirming the positive result.

Emilia also wrote, "Since becoming a mother and having talked to so many of you, I have felt such immense support and encouragement to share a little more. About the road to becoming a wife, a Mom, a lawyer, an author, my big Greek family, the causes I support and so much more... I’ll be sharing all my stories on my new YouTube channel!"

*All images courtesy of @emilia_bechrakis Instagram