The Aegean Sea is not up for negotiation says Greek government to Turkey  



Greece’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Alexandros Gennimatas on Thursday reiterated the government’s position over Turkish provocations concerning the Aegean stating that ''the legal status of the Aegean Sea and its islands is clearly defined by international treaties and leaves no room for questioning.”

Gennimatas stressed that the constant repetition of unfounded claims or interpretations of the International Law of the Sea does not change the false or illegal nature of Turkey's statements.

Greece, Gennimatas added, has chosen the path of international legality and expresses its sincere hope that Turkey will follow suit.

The Greek government's response follows more provocations from Turkey after its Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday repeated assertions that there are so-called grey zones of abstract sovereignty in the Aegean Sea.

GCT Team

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