Greek man arrested for smoking in toilet during flight from Germany to Greece



A 32-year-old Greek passenger was arrested for smoking during a flight on Ryanair from Germany to Greece.

The man confessed to lighting up during the flight from Baden-Baden Airport to Thessaloniki and claims his fear of flying caused him stress, anxiety and the urge to smoke.

According to reports, a flight attendant smelt the cigarette smoke coming from the toilet and informed the Captain, who in turn reported the incident to the control tower at Thessaloniki's Airport.

As soon as the plane landed, the man was arrested by police and a case was filed against him for violation of the non-smoking air code.

The next day he was taken to Thessaloniki's Public Prosecutor, who referred him for a trial at a Criminal Court.

According to legal experts, the punishment for this type of offense ranges from a hefty fine, up to six months' imprisonment.