Cyber War between Turkish and Greek hackers

cyber war

cyber war

In response to the cyberattacks on the websites of several Greek Governmental bodies by a Turkish hacker group, a Greek group known as 'Anonymous Greece' have retaliated with cyberattacks on a number of Turkish websites.

"As the Turks hit yesterday, so did we the day after in response. Let it be known that the attacks have just begun. For every new attack, we will be posting a new article,” Anonymous Greece posted on their website.

The list of sites that were hit is as follows:

  1. 112 emergency call number and email service
  2. Sabah email service
  3. Hurricane email Service
  4. Turkish Police (EGM) email service
  5. Saglik email service
  6. Economy Ministry email service
  7. Enerji email service
  8. SIP-VOIP of Turkish Energy
  9. MIT email service

Greek Governement Websites Hacked