Foreign journalist attacked in Athens during far-right protest against migrants in Greece



A foreign journalist was attacked in the centre of Athens on Sunday during a far-right protest against the presence of migrants in Greece.

Thomas Jacobi, a correspondent working for French publication La Croix and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, was left with a bleeding nose and bruises on his face after the brutal attack.

"They were hitting me for around four minutes until a policemen appeared. No one stepped in. That's the most shocking thing," Jacobi told reporters.

"I thought that with so many policemen there I could have done my job today. I was wrong again," he said.

"They attacked me because they recognised me," Jacobi added.

It was the second assault on Jacobi, as almost a year ago members of the extreme right party Golden Dawn attacked him, along with a cameraman and a photojournalist, while they were covering a protest outside the Greek parliament building over the Prespes Agreement.

Around 370 people, including Golden Dawn members, attended the protest at Syntagma Square on Sunday and held signs against the "colonisation of Greece by Islamists".

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas announced: “The Greek government condemns in the strongest possible terms the fascist attack on journalist Thomas Jacobi at Syntagma Square. The freedom of the press and the protection of those exercising it is the duty of every democratic state.”