Kaiti Garbi and husband Dionysios Schinas robbed at gunpoint



Greece’s golden couple Kaiti Garbi and husband Dionysios Schinas were robbed at gunpoint at their home in Athens on Saturday morning, with the perpetrators stealing over 40,000 euros worth of items.

“We are in complete shock,” Schinas told police after the armed robbery took place at the family home.

According to reports, four men were hiding outside their home, waiting for Garbi to arrive back from her performance at the Bouzoukia (Greek nightclub). Once the 58-year-old singer got out of her car, at around 3 am, the four men jumped in front of her, pointing a gun to her head, demanding she open the door to her home.

Schinas told police he woke up and found the perpetrators inside his house threatening his wife with a gun.

The men apparently tied Schinas' arms and legs and forced him to reveal where the family safe was, constantly threatening Garbi with a gun.

He also told police the robbers yelled, "If you do not give us access to the safe, we will pull the trigger on your wife.”

The robbers are said to have left with over 40,000 euros worth of cash, gold, a Bulgari watch, a Piaget watch, Baptismal crosses and other pieces of jewellery.

Two security cameras are installed at the couple's home and police are currently investigating whether anything has been captured on camera to help them track down the perpetrators.