#Greece taken over by Turkish flags on Instagram

#greece instagram

#greece instagram

Instead of #Greece featuring glamorous photographs of Greece on Instagram, over the last few hours the hashtag has been taken over by the Turkish flag.

It is believed that Turkish hackers are behind this stunt.

The timing is also of significance, given that Greek politician, Ioannis Lagos ripped a printed copy of the Turkish flag during a session in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

The below image which features #Greece in its caption, has generated the most likes within the past 4 hours and translates to: "What we live for, what we fight for, what we fall for martyrs, why we cannot control a breath in this Cihan, why is it that we end in endless wars! Is it to trample the legacy of our ancestors and make it over our heads! Let's claim our Flag, which is irrigated with thousands of martyrs of blood, on every platform, the flag is the honor of a country!"

#greece turkish flag