Athens’ award-winning bar ‘The Clumsies’ is popping up in London



Athens' award-winning bar 'The Clumsies' which has been named one of the best bars in the world is heading to London this month, offering Londoners the chance to sip on their acclaimed signature cocktails whilst enjoying amazing views of the city from the stylish Madison Rooftop bar!

The Clumsies was once again named one of the Top 10 bars in the world, coming in at number six in the globe and third-best in Europe, at the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards.

*Sip on some of The Clumsies signature cocktails

Located in the heart of Greece’s capital city, this cool and sophisticated all-day bar is the brainchild of two world-class Greek bartenders who teamed up to create something truly unique on the global bar scene.

From the luscious and endless cocktail list to the delicious bar food and great service, it’s no wonder this popular joint has helped put Athens on the map as one of the world’s best bars! And now part of the A-team is jet setting across to London's popular Madison rooftop from February 24-28, where the views are sensational and the cocktails will be just as special!

Five of The Clumsies’ favourite cocktails will be featured, including the Aegean Negroni, which consists of Tanqueray gin, vermouth, martini bitter, fennel seeds, and diktamus (an aromatic plant native to Crete).

You’ll also find The Conch (vermouth, mezcal, salicornia, and lemon), along with The Clumsies’ take on the Highball Gimlet and Daiquiri, and an intriguing caramel-scented New Fashioned.

A: Madison Restaurant, One New Change, St Paul’s, EC4M 9AF from February 24-28.