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Young girl in Pyrgos faints from starvation, as parents couldn’t afford food


A young girl from Pyrgos, in the Peloponesse, fainted on her way home from school, after her unemployed parents were forced to pay taxes, leaving them with no money to buy groceries for their children.

“Don’t take our children’s food away from them,” cried the parents who told local media they were in financial despair and only had a few tomatoes and a small piece of bread to offer their young children.

The father, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote a letter to Patrisnews stating that along with his wife, they had to pay property tax for their house, which is not completed, as they ran out of money during the renovations.

“After we paid the ENFIA, we were left with no money to buy food for our two kids. Where is the justice?” he wrote.

“We think it’s unfair that two unemployed people should be forced to pay tax on a home that is not even finished yet.”

According to reports, their local church has stepped in to try and help out the family, while the incident is being investigated.


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