A glimpse of Ancient Athens through incredible 3D models (VIDEO)



If you ever wondered what Ancient Athens looked like, Greek artist Dimitrios Tsalkanis has crafted incredible 3D models of the city’s famous landmarks, including the world-renowned Acropolis, which will have you believe you have stepped back in time.

Tsalkanis launched a site to present the monuments and buildings of Athens from the Mycenaean period (1600 BC) to the Early Modern period (1833 AD), through 3D representations.

ancient Athens

It allows users the chance to experience a virtual trip around Ancient Athens by choosing one of the historical periods from the main menu. The periods are separated by taking into account the significant architectural and city planning changes and each period includes a list of monuments and areas.  The periods are broken down into Mycenean Athens, Archaic Athens, Classical Athens, Hellenistic Athens, Roman Athens, Medieval Athens, and Ottoman Athens.

For every monument, there is a short description and other information along with their 3D representation, including a panoramic view of the Acropolis, the Propylaea, the stoa of Braubronia Artemis in “Π” shape, the Chalkotheke and the Parthenon. This monument also features ruins of the older temple of Athena and next to them, the Erechteum.

This website was created for educational purposes and the content is provided for free to all.

*Watch the video here- 

*Images and video courtesy of Ancient Athens 3D