Greek Military Strengthens US-French Alliances after completion of 'Alexander the Great 2020' Military Exercise

The scenario of the final action on #Skyros foresaw the recapture of an area of ​​the island controlled by hostile forces.
Alexander the Great 2020 military exercise

The ‘Alexander the Great 2020' military exercise, came to a climactic conclusion on Friday 7th February 2020.

The bi-lateral security cooperation training exercise was put into full force by the Hellenic, French and the United States Marines, who worked together to recapture an area on the island of Skyros that was controlled by hostile forces.

The multinational military exercise included a wide array of operational tactics, as well as run-throughs of possible scenarios, before it was finally executed on Friday.

This comes after the Greek Parliament voted on the ratification of the Defence Cooperation Agreement with the US, earlier last week. Under the agreement, U.S forces have been granted permissions to utilise various facilities for training, refueling, temporary maintenance, storage and emergency responses.

The U.S. is also granted priority status for “unimpeded access and use” within 48 hours, of the port of Alexandroupolis, a Balkans and Black Sea gateway that is considered of strategic value to the U.S. Navy and NATO.

Over the past month, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has also sent a warship to join a French naval battle group and will deliver defensive missiles to Saudi Arabia.

The government is working to continue improving relationships with the United States and its allies, in a plight to strengthen alliances with the West.