Two Greek citizens quarantined after returning from Wuhan



Two Greek citizens, who returned from Wuhan, China earlier on Sunday, have been transferred to Sotiria hospital and will remain in quarantine for 14 days.

The two Greeks boarded, along with 105 British citizens, 8 Italian citizens, 7 Danish citizens, and 3 Swedish citizens, and departed on a specially chartered plane from the town of Wuhan in the Hubei province. They arrived in London and then the two Greeks boarded a military plane bound for Patrica Di Mare military airbase in Rome.

A special health unit of the National Public Health Organization received them, following the special protocol. They boarded a Greek military aircraft, which had flown to Rome for this purpose, and landed at the military airport of Elefsis.

The two men are reported to be in good health and will remain in “voluntary” quarantine for preventative reasons, announced Greek authorities.

All members on board the aircraft were wearing protective uniforms and masks, following a strict protocol.

"Although the two Greek citizens have no symptoms, they were transferred by specially trained personnel from the National Emergency Center to the General Hospital Sotiria, which is a Reference Hospital, and will be placed on voluntary isolation and medical supervision for 14 days," the Health Ministry said.