Rumours circulate about Eleni Menegaki's future on our television screens

Eleni Menegaki

Eleni Menegaki

The recent news of Eleni Menegaki's rumoured departure from Alpha TV is making headlines and circulating newsstands, with millions of loyal viewers across the globe left in limbo.

It is openly known that the Alpha presenter’s contract is due to expire in the Summer and it’s been reported that any discussions of her contract renewal and negotiations will be delayed and may not take place until well after Easter or possibly closer to the show’s season end, upon expiration of the contract.

Allegedly Eleni Menegaki’s decision to end her collaboration with Alpha, is said to be based on her decision to see through her plans linked to a big trip or possible move to the U.S. where her eldest son will be pursuing his university education. Another rumoured report is that the celebrity TV host will continue her television presence with another network.

The presenter herself has not made any official statement on the matter at this time.

Eleni Menegaki
Eleni Menegaki and her son Aggelos

Menegaki’s almost 30 years on television, has earned her the title of ‘Queen of morning TV’ and one of the highest paid in that role, said to be of a 2 million euros salary.

In 2010 Forbes ranked Menegaki as the second most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece and top ranked female.

Eleni Menegaki

GCT takes a look back on her career and highlights that have made her a staple household name and fixture in millions of homes worldwide.

Eleni started at MEGA in 1991 as a model on a morning show and a year later for the same network became a co-host of a highly successful game show.

In 1994 she appeared in an acting role on ANT1’s comedy series ‘Pater Imon’ and the following year became host of ANT1’s ‘Proinos Kafes’. That gig and show skyrocketed her popularity and success where she continued hosting for 10 successful years, reigning the ratings and holding the number one spot for daytime television.

Since 2005, the morning show Queen has been with Alpha hosting ‘Kafes me tin Eleni’ before the show's name changed to ‘Eleni’, a favourite amongst millions of Greeks around the world who have followed her since her early years on television.

With the success of her shows, Eleni Menegaki became one of the most successful celebrities in Greece. She is constantly followed by paparazzi, makes headlines and her personal and professional life have always been a highly discussed topic.

Eleni is also considered a role model by many Greek women. Her absence on our screens would be intensely felt and hugely missed but we’re hopeful that these rumours are just that, rumours, and Eleni will continue gracing our TV’s and mornings for many more years to come.

*Photo credit – Eleni Menegaki Official Instagram Account


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