Hellenic Post to charge €15 fee for small parcels sent from countries outside the European Union

Hellenic Post

Hellenic Post

The Hellenic Post (ELTA) last week announced that they had begun charging at least €15 for each parcel (no matter how big or small) with a customs declaration received from countries outside the European Union.

Online shopping, especially from countries outside the European Union, such as China, Australia and the U.S is a widespread practice.

Any such item with a customs declaration will now be subject to a “Customs Clearance,” the minimum amount of which was set at 15 euros.

Until recently, parcels outside of the EU that were charged with customs duties were those with a value of more than 22 euros.

In response, Greeks and foreigners worldwide have set up a petition.

The ELTA underlines that the fees are being imposed by the Greek Customs Authorities and not the Hellenic Post itself.