Driver of the Corvette which killed 25-year-old Nassos Karanikas, turns himself in

Nassos Karanikas

Nassos Karanikas

The owner of the black Corvette which killed 25-year-old Nassos Karanikas while he was riding his motorcycle on Wednesday morning, has turned himself into police.

The 40-year-old businessman handed himself into police with his lawyer present, after being on the run for three days.

Security cameras recorded the incident which showed him crashing into two parked cars, before striking and dragging the 25-year-old on his motorcycle, leaving the car on the scene and fleeing. Nassos Karanikas died on the scene from the extend of his injuries.

According to reports, the 40-year-old businessman told police officers that he was shocked and that’s why he disappeared. “I didn’t even realise what I did. What i just realised is that I was very shocked,” he added.

The prosecutor was immediately informed to file a case against him.

Authorities knew who owned the fatal luxury sports car, with identification being made on the license plate.