Greek Olive Oil wins highest award at ‘World Olive Oil’ contest



Greek Olive oil brand Terra Creta won the highest award “TOP10” at the ‘Experience the World of Olive Oil’ contest, which took place at the European Organic Exhibition in Germany. The evaluation was held by expert tasters and also included public participation. The sample oils that took part this year was 107 in total, with 10 awards and 20 distinctions given in total.

Greece’s award-winning Cretan produced Terra Creta participated with top quality extra virgin olive oil, winning the highest prize and given tremendous recognition.

Terra Creta is located in the middle of the famous olive grove of Kolymvari, Chania. With a strong commitment to quality, it has managed to export its olive oil to more than 45 countries around the world, having won more than 75 awards in international competitions.

Olive Oil Award, Photo Credit Source: Nuernberg Messe

The company approaches the product holistically by collaborating with a farmers’ team under the supervision of agronomists, operating a state-of-the-art oil mill and bottling unit. Its philosophy is based on providing consumers with high nutritional value products that are produced through sustainable practices.

It has taken initiatives in the field of sustainable olive cultivation and innovates with products such as olive oil spray and traceability of olive oil products. It holds one of the leading positions in Greek olive oil exports, exporting 95% of its production.

The contest was held at Biofach which is the largest and most well-known organic trade fair on a global scale and covers: Organic food – Organic fruits and vegetables – Healthy foods, organic delicatessen – Home equipment (furniture, decoration) – Toys and gifts from natural raw materials, clothing. In 2019 they had 2,982 exhibitors, 70% of which are outside Germany and 50,200 business visitors from 132 countries.