‘Migrant’ island mayors summoned by Greek Prime Minister for urgent meeting

migrant crisis

migrant crisis

Greece’s Prime Minister has summoned the North Aegean governor and the mayors of Chios, West Lesvos and Mytilini to an urgent meeting to discuss the migrant crisis they are experiencing, which has led to more protests and clashes with authorities.

The announcement of the meeting was made by government spokesman Stelios Petsas who said the meeting was taking place today, 27 February at 5:00 pm “to tone down” the recent tension that erupted in clashes with police.

Residents on the islands of Lesvos and Chios, are protesting the government’s decision to build new migrant facilities on requisitioned land on these islands.

Commenting on Wednesday’s protests, clashes and injuries at Lesvos and Chios, Petsas said that these islands cannot be left unpoliced because the migration crisis there is full-fledged.

He added that the police’s role on the two islands and Lesvos’ main town of Mytilini, is to ensure that the government goes ahead with its plans. The riot police dispatched to the islands “were there to fulfil their mission, allowing the first phase of construction of the closed facilities.”

The first phase was completed in Mytilini on Wednesday, he said, while the first phase at Chios will be completed on Thursday.