Greek riot police to be investigated over alleged abuses against protesting islanders

Greek riot police

Greek riot police

A statement issued by the Hellenic Police pointed to the intention to investigate members of the riot police that were involved in clashes with protestors on the islands of Chios and Lesvos.

"Unlawful actions will not be tolerated... there will be accountability for any responsibility found, down to the last iota," Hellenic Police spokesperson Theodoros Chronopoulos announced.

The statement concerned alleged abuses by members of the riot police during their attempts to deal with islander protests over proposed migrant camps.

"The Headquarters of the Hellenic Police on Thursday announced that all behaviours and actions that are linked to the events on Lesvos and Chios will be investigated quickly and in depth."

"There will be accountability for any responsibility found, down to the last iota. Unlawful actions will not be tolerated. However difficult the conditions that they face, whatever they have been subjected to, police officers have a uniform and a mission."

"The orders of the political leadership and the intentions of the natural leadership of the Force are clear and express. The decisions that need to be taken will be taken calmly, with dedication to the mission of the Force and full awareness of the difficulties facing the country, the police force and police officers, in unprecedented conditions in which the rule of law in being questioned," the statement concluded.