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Family matters the most for Greeks and language helps loved ones remain close

Greek is definitely a very beautiful language to speak but its greatest value can be found in its power to keep diaspora around the world connected to their Greek heritage, culture and most importantly of all, to family.

Family matters the most for Greeks and language helps families remain close. There is nothing more precious to a Greek grandmother than hearing her grandchild saying “σ’αγαπώ γιαγιά”.

For people looking for innovative ways to learn Greek, the solution can be found on the Internet

Greeks of the world have traditionally relied upon the plethora of traditional Greek schools offering great language programs to kids and adults for years.

However, not everybody has easy access to a traditional Greek school.

There are those who live in smaller towns or villages with the nearest Greek school being hours away. Some may live in places where Greek schools are non-existent and it is really difficult to find a qualified tutor.

People with disabilities may also find it difficult to make their way to a Greek school on a regular basis.

For all of these people, the solution can be found on the Internet, with online educational tools and services available such as Greek Lessons Online that are designed to make learning Greek easy and fun.

Greek Lessons OnLine

A school that aims to spread the Greek language and culture with love and enthusiasm to people from any corner of the world who want to learn it

Through live broadcasting from Greece, cross-thematic projects, customized learning and live online events, the experienced Greek Lessons OnLine teachers engage students on a unique journey of learning the language of their ancestors.

All you have to do is switch on your computer to find the Greek Lessons OnLine course that best suits you.

Once you do that, you connect with your Greek teacher to begin a fun Greek adventure.

In some classes, emotions run high

Greek Lessons OnLine offers courses designed to fit every need and level.

The teachers, who are all native Greeks based in Greece, begin their weekly schedule with classes structured to prepare students for the Ellinomatheia Exams and they continue with Business Greek for people who need to improve their Greek for work.

The teaching schedule also includes conversation classes with students who have reconnected with their relatives in Greece after years of being apart and want to learn Greek to communicate with their loved ones.

In these types of classes, emotions run high.

Like when Stella - founder of Greek Lessons OnLine - helped reconnect her student Freda with a very good friend she hadn’t seen in 20 years, who happened to be the beloved Greek actress Rika Dialina.

Or when Maria -a Greek Lessons OnLine teacher from Thessaloniki – holds classes with a student and her entire family from their different locations across the globe in order to help them keep in touch.

Maria Gkeme
*Maria Gkeme, Teacher, Greek Lessons OnLine
Stella Bompotsiari Vri
*Stella Bompotsiari Vri, Founder & Director of Studies, Greek Lessons OnLine









But it is the classes for children that are especially loved by the Greek Lessons Online teachers.

Particularly those classes that teach children Greek via Greek mythology. The Greek Lessons OnLine teachers cannot get enough of those!

Technology brings us together but this online family loves meeting in Greece

The Greek Lessons OnLine technology that brings together Greek teachers and students based in North America, Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Canada, Australia, China, South Africa, Morocco, Doha, Lebanon, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom and many more locations is amazing.

But there is nothing like getting together and spending memorable days in the best place in the world to be in summer - Greece!

Each summer, the team of the Greek Language Summer Camp welcomes young students from all over the world to The Ranch, one of the most fun camps in Europe, to fully immerse them into the Greek language.

What could be better than learning while having the best time?  Establishing lifelong bonds with Greek friends from all over the world whilst learning and having the best time is the only other thing that comes to mind.

Adults love learning Greek by the sea too
Greek Lessons OnLine also offers an Immersion Course for adults, designed to improve speaking skills through stimulating classes, involve them in cultural activities and initiate them into the Greek lifestyle!

The programme takes place in the small seaside town of Aigio, North Peloponnese, just two hours from Athens.

This course is for adults of any nationality and language level and takes place in a place that looks like a proper Greek Paradise.

Greek Lessons OnLine is an online family that connects Greeks from every corner of the world and gives them the chance to create unbreakable bonds of friendship

Apart from the attention to detail, well-designed programmes, qualified teaching staff and careful methods, what makes Greek Lessons OnLine truly special is its focus on community.

Greek Lessons OnLine is more than just a Greek school. It is an online family that meets everywhere in the world whenever they have the chance.

It is an online family that celebrates Christmas together with online events.

It is an online family that connects Greek kids from every corner of the world and gives them the chance to create unbreakable bonds of friendship in the Greek summer.

It is an online family with one common goal; to learn to love Greek and keep our language alive and growing.


Benefits of Learning Greek OnLine

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