Turkey wages ‘war’ on Greece

Turkey migrants

Turkey migrants

Turkey has essentially launched an asymmetrical war on Greece, after its decision to weaponise the migration crisis and open the floodgates to tens of thousands of migrants at a time when Europe is also struggling to contain the coronavirus.

According to Greek authorities more than 10,000 migrants are at the country’s borders with Turkey, waiting to enter and make their way to Europe while approximately 500 people have illegally reached the shores of Greek islands in the North Aegean in inflatable dinghies since dawn on Sunday.

Greek coast guard authorities contacted their Turkish counterparts to pick up the passengers in the dinghies while they were still in Turkish territorial waters, but Turkish patrol boats did nothing and their occupants addressed the Greek coast guard officers with sarcasm, shouting out "good luck".

The arriving migrants and refugees are being transported by buses supplied by the coast guard while, applying the protocol for protection from coronavirus, they are being issued with disposable masks and are required to put them on.