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| On 9 months ago

VIDEO EXPOSÉ: Turkish coast guard vessels complicit in people smuggling operations into Greece

By Alex Constantine

Evidence of Turkish government complicity in people smuggling operations has been provided by Greek coast guard authorities on Monday, with the submission of two videos and photographs.

The video and photographic evidence by the Greek coast guard show Turkish patrol boats escorting dinghies carrying refugees and migrants arriving in Greek territorial waters.

According to a coast guard announcement, the two videos and the photographs are from the same incident, which occurred on Monday off the shores of the island Lesvos, at the borderline of Greece’s territorial waters.

The dinghy carrying the foreign nationals is escorted by a Turkish patrol boat that is watching the efforts of the Greek Coast Guard vessel to prevent them entering Greek territorial waters. The dinghy carrying the foreign nationals is clearly not in any difficulty but is moving at great speed and carrying out manoeuvres, while in a second video it appears to be attempting to ram the Greek coast guard vessel.

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Alex Constantine
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