More than 25,000 illegal migrants denied entry on Greek border, another 218 arrested for illegal entry



Greek authorities on Tuesday reported that some 26,532 migrants have been denied entry to Greece via the Evros Greek-Turkish border since 06:00 am on Saturday up until 06:00 pm on Tuesday.

During the same period, police reported to have arrested 218 individuals for illegal entry.

Meanwhile German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, according to sources, during a closed-door meeting of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, said that Germany will support the important work Greece is doing on the migration issue.

The same sources said that Seehofer termed the situation at the borders with Turkey as "worse than in 2015" and "critical". He stressed that the EU must be explicit that its borders are not open, and called on his party's MPs to avoid referring to potential acceptance of refugees by Germany, which would lead to a new wave of refugees.

Seehofer was cited saying that he agreed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on stabilising the EU-Turkey statement for 2016, and criticised the European Commission for delays in processing the new asylum legislation.