Germany sends officers to boost Greek borders as more than 30,000 prevented from illegal entry

Greek-Turkish border Evros

Greek-Turkish border Evros

Germany’s Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday that is was dispatching one helicopter and twenty police officers to boost the guarding of the Greek-Turkish border.

The twenty police officers will join the EU’s Frontex border control force in Greece, where another sixty German police officers are already posted.

Two German officials are already at Greek islands to examine whether they can support the Greek authorities’ construction for winter accommodation and provision of water to refugees stranded at the Greek-Turkish border.

Meanwhile, in the latest update from Greek authorities more than 30,000 individuals were prevented from entering Greece as of Saturday morning, with over 200 being arrested, at the Evros region borders with Turkey.

From 06.00 on Wednesday to 18.00 the same day, 11 individuals were arrested in Evros, most originating from Afghanistan. A total of 4,600 people were prevented from entering illegally in Greece during the same 12-hour period.

Over 4.5 days (from 06.00 on Saturday to 18.00 on Wednesday), in total 32,423 people were prevented from entering Greece and 231 were arrested.