Sweden politician at Greek border

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local media4631740504600619482

The leader of the Swedish Democrats, Jimmie Akesson, travelled to Greece to tell migrants that the Nordic country is already “full”.

Akesson traveled to the Turkish border city of Edirne along with his top aide, to hand out leaflets discouraging migrants from making it into Sweden.

“Don’t come to us. Sweden is full. We can’t give you more money or provide any housing. Sorry for this message,” the flyers read.

Migration minister Morgan Johansson told news agency TT that the stunt was “totally ridiculous” and that Akesson had only gone to the border to “pose for cameras”.

However Akesson’s party confirmed he had visited Greece, writing on Twitter: “We all remember the migration chaos of 2015 and we have to do everything we can to make sure it never ever happens again.”

According to the latest update from Greek authorities, more than 30,000 individuals were prevented from entering Greece as of Saturday morning, with over 200 being arrested, at the Evros region borders with Turkey.