Mitsotakis Government cuts allowances to illegal migrants

illegal migrants greece

illegal migrants greece

Minister for Immigration and Asylum of the Hellenic Republic, Notis Mitarakis announced that the government is cutting the allowances given to illegal migrants under the SYRIZA government.

"Greece cuts off these benefits. Anyone who receives asylum afterwards is responsible for himself or herself. There are some integration programs, there are some support programs but beyond that we cannot fund these things. They have already received asylum and are in structures with 11,200 people. They are being cut from March," he added.

The Minister also reiterated that the Government wants small structures, closed and protected. He also confirmed the establishment of two centers, one in Serres and the other in Attica.

Regarding the harassment of a Greek vessel by a Turkish jetty in Lesvos, with a near collision occurring, the minister pointed out "an unacceptable and provocative act of Turkey that shows our difficult times as a country but also shows our reaction, which is strong, is decisive and done with the unity of the Greek people from behind."

Mitarakis stressed that Turkey actively supports illegal migrants, however Greece, our armed forces and security is ready for any possibility.

"It is touching that local communities support the security forces that are fighting a great fight to seal our borders against an asymmetric threat coming from the opposite country in an organised way," he concluded.