Greek farmer waters the Greek border fence (VIDEO)

Greek farmer sprays illegal migrants at the Greek border

Greek farmer sprays illegal migrants at the Greek border

A Greek farmer decided to take the situation occurring at the Greek-Turkish border into his own hands, driving his tractor and spraying water onto the illegal migrants on the other side, to drive them away from the fence they have tried pulling down and burning numerous times.

According to information from the forces deployed there, this method proved to be extremely successful as the illegal migrants ran away ‘like mice’ from the barbed wire.

In the video which was posted on Sunday, the farmer received congratulations from the police officers and guards posted at the Greek border.

The action was also a tactical move, to water the dry grass that the illegal migrants have been using to light fires which loosens the soil underneath and in turn weakens the stability and foundations of the barbed wire fence.

“Like mice they are running” and “spraying mice” are some of the expressions heard.

The footage also shows that the tractor is preceded by a military vehicle.

*Watch the footage here-