Greek Orthodox Church: Holy Communion does not spread coronavirus

Holy Communion

Holy Communion

The Greek Orthodox Church has issued an official statement, declaring that coronavirus is not transmitted via Holy Communion, and the faithful should pray against the spread of the deadly virus.

This comes after there were calls to stop Holy Communion in fear that it would spread the virus.

The statement called Holy Communion, which represents the body and blood of Christ, an "act of love" that conquers fear.

“Whoever attends Holy Communion is approaching God, who has the power to heal,” Metropolitan Seraphim told Greece’s Alpha radio.

The Church of Greece will print and distribute leaflets to the faithful, with precautions against the spread of the virus.

It also urged priests to conduct prayers during services on Sunday for the spread of the disease to stop.

The statement added that the Church of Greece would continue celebrating communion, “in the certainty that we (thus) commune with life and immortality.”