Greek police arrest 45 over coronavirus violations

Greek Police

Greek police have arrested 45 people across the country between Thursday and Saturday, for violating measures in force to protect against the spread of coronavirus.

This included ignoring government orders to close facilities like after study schools, cafes, hairdresser salons and other various shops.

Greek Police


The Greek Government even took drastic measures, telling people to limit going to church.

The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, released a statement on March 11th, urging the Orthodox Church to observe scientific recommendations when it comes to public gatherings, as authorities step up measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

“Personally, I felt the need to invoke my faith,” Mitsotakis admitted in a televised speech on Wednesday.

“As Prime Minister, I have to listen to scientists. What applies to public gatherings also applies to churches,” the Prime Minister said.

“Faith often begins where science ends. But the faith we need now is to manage to overcome the crisis,” the premier continued.

“All should follow the instructions of doctors and specialists,” he stressed.

The Greek Orthodox Church issued a statement saying that attending Eucharist and Communion “certainly cannot be a cause of disease transmission.”

This statement has triggered strong reactions from the medical and scientific community, who have called on the church to abide by their recommendations in order to contain the spread of the virus.