An unforgettable moment in history, Evzones parade in Kalymnos

Evzones parade in Kalymnos

Evzones parade in Kalymnos

On Saturday March 7, history was made in Kalymnos. As promised, the Evzones marched in the parade for the 72nd anniversary of Independence of the Dodecanese.

The parade that took place at the plateia (Greek word for town square), was packed with proud Kalymnians, some even dressed in traditional costumes, cheering on the Presidential Guard and the island’s local servicemen. The parade was also accompanied by the local boy/girl scouts, and school kids.

Having the Evzones participating in the parade was a very emotional experience for everybody on the island, and an unforgettable occurrence that none are taking for granted.

Evzones parade in Kalymnos

Speaking with Kalymnian local Anthoula Dri, the 22-year-old told GCT: “it was such an emotional experience for all of us. When the Evzones came out, me and my friends started crying. I looked around and there was a lot of other people crying too—especially old people. It is such a big deal that we were able to have them here, so it was an emotional experience for all of us and I will never forget it.”

There was also another special moment that occurred at the parade besides the march of the Evzones- three army planes flew in the sky to shine light on the current issues Greece is facing, especially with Turkey. It was done to not only represent the strength of the Kalymnian people, but Greece as a whole.

“For me, I think the most powerful part of the parade besides the National Guard coming out was the release of the army planes. It showed that we the people of the Dodecanese and Greece as a whole are strong, and invincible—it gave us all a sense of hope," Anthoula Dri added.

As a proud Kalymnian, I would like to express gratitude on behalf of myself and the people of my island to the Presidential Guard. Your presence at the parade today celebrating our 72 years of victory meant more to us than you will ever know-especially with all of the issues occurring with Greece and Turkey at the moment.

The Evzones' visit to the island gave the locals hope and reminds us how we, Greeks united, are stronger than the issues occurring at the moment.

Evzones to visit Kalymnos for the first time in history