Coronavirus: Padlocks are broken to enter the playgrounds



Residents in Alimos, a municipality in South Athens, broke padlocks that locked the gates to the playgrounds in town.

Over the weekend, the municipalities of Attica and other towns around the country, decided to close the playgrounds in order to curb the transmission of coronavirus.

"In recent hours, some unconscious citizens have broken the security locks of the sports venues or made holes in the fences to get inside for sporting activities. We are working with the help of the technical service to repair the disaster as quickly as possible, to protect these structures from the public entrance that has already been suspended. We warmly urge everyone to respect the safety of the premises and in particular the safeguarding of public health," the President of Alimos' Cultural and Sports Organisation, Nikos Albanos stated.

The playgrounds have also been disinfected to safeguard the health of the children and citizens who visit the area.

“What we want to urge all citizens to do is respect and approve of these measures, be careful, stay home, because according to all scientific studies, two out of three will come in contact with the virus," Alimos Mayor Andreas Kondylis said.