Cypriots travelling from Greece rush to beat Monday's curfew

cyprus airport

cyprus airport

Daytime flights from Athens to the Republic of Cyprus were fully booked on Monday, after the government announced that arrivals on evening flights which landed after 6pm, would not be allowed into the country without a valid health certificate.

From 6pm Monday until April 30, entry to the Republic of Cyprus will only be granted to individuals who fall under the categories listed below, and upon arrival have a valid health certificate issued up to four days prior to arrival showing a clean bill of health and no presence of COVID-19:

  • Cypriot citizens
  • Legal residents in the Republic of Cyprus
  • European nationals or third-country nationals working in the Republic
  • Nationals of countries who are in a designated diplomatic service or mission under bilateral or international Conventions
  • European or third country nationals attending educational institutions in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Individual cases of European nationals or third-country nationals for unavoidable professional obligations, provided that the relevant permit has been obtained from the competent Ministry

All travellers returning to Cyprus from abroad, regardless of their country of origin, will be placed under a 14-day compulsory quarantine at accommodation facilities designated by the Republic of Cyprus.