Greece does not protect the borders of the European Union: Turkey

illegal migrants

illegal migrants

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a provocative statement on Saturday as a response to Greek Minister Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, who accused Turkey of trying to present Greece with a faits accomplis again in Evros, by using migrants – but without success.

“Greece does not protect the borders of the European Union, to the contrary, disgracefully tramples on the very principles and values this Union was built upon, by treating the asylum seekers coming to its gates as enemies instead of human beings, by using gas, bullets and pesticides on them without sparing women and children, by forcing the refugees who entered the Greek territory back to Turkey half-naked, taking their money and belongings which remind the practices of Nazis” said the statement by Turkish spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hami Aksoy.

“Greece is violating all of the legal instruments such as European Convention on Human Rights, Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and UN Convention Against Torture simultaneously, disregarding international law, human rights and European values, on which it keeps harping on. The basic principles regarding the protection of refugees and asylum seekers should not differ according to daily needs of our neighbour,” it continued.

The Greek side responded via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Alexandros Yennimatas who said that a country “that for the first time in history used migrants as a battering ram against other countries, is not entitled to invoke justice and human rights. After all, Turkey’s performance in these areas is well known.”

“What is more, its choice to -repeatedly- disrespect the victims of the Holocaust, is absolutely unacceptable. We are, by now, accustomed to Turkey’s cynical violation of every rule and law, whether they be the Rule of Law, human rights, Democracy or good neighbourly relations in its immediate vicinity and the wider region.”

“Proof of the above is documented on a yearly basis in the relative EU reports and in those of international organisations, among others. Crocodile tears do not convince anyone. We recommend self-awareness,” the Greek statement concluded.