"I'm not staying home, there is another 'coronavirus' there... my wife" (VIDEO)

Kalamata coronavirus

Kalamata coronavirus

An elderly gentleman from Kalamata, revealed that his biggest fear is not the coronavirus, but staying at home with his wife.

The 'fearless' man made the statements on a local channel in Kalamata, as the Greek government announced several measures to tackle the spread of the deadly virus, which includes the elderly staying at home and avoid going outdoors.

When he was approached on the street by a reporter why he had disregarded the measures, the Kalamata resident stated that he preferred to die outside from the coronavirus, as he had another 'coronavirus' at home, his wife, and did not want to die locked up.

Let's hope his wife hasn't seen the video.

As expected the video got thousands of likes and shares on social media in a short matter of time.