Greek researchers discover mechanism leading to Coronavirus pneumonia

By 3 years ago

The Professor of Pathology-Infectious Diseases at the 4th Department of Pathology at Attikon Hospital, Vangelis Yamarellos, stated that through research conducted at the hospital laboratories, there could be a new treatment option for the severe pneumonia caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).

The discovery was undertaken by the Hellenic Group for the Study of Sepsis in Serious Illness.

"These blood samples were analysed at Attikon Hospital, and the Hellenic Group for the Study of Sepsis in Serious Illness discovered the mechanism by which this virus causes the collapse of the immune system, leading to severe pneumonia, where the patient suddenly feels shortness of breath and needs to be intubated," Yamarellos said.

The professor added that two target points emerged from the analysis– namely drug interference points, circulating molecules in the blood, in which, if there could be an intervention to block them using biological agents (monoclonal antibodies), then there would be high hopes of curing the patients.

This analysis “was presented to the Public Health Emergency Response Response Committee on Tuesday and forms the basis for a valid initiation protocol.”

Furthermore, there is a blood test available, which Yamarellos revealed "can diagnose which patient will need treatment very early on, and it is proposed that this test also be included in the protocol".

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