Hellenic Psychiatric Association offers support to citizens during coronavirus outbreak

psychologist coronavirus

psychologist coronavirus

The Hellenic Psychiatric Society, at such a critical time where citizens of the world are experiencing anxiety because of the coronavirus pandemic, is offering for the next 3 months free psychiatric services to citizens on issues related to the pandemic and its complications.

Services will be conducted using the software of 'Melapus', the first mental health oriented telemedicine platform.

The platform is designed with very simple logic to be used by anyone with a click, provided they also have a laptop and an internet connection.

"In a difficult time, the Hellenic Psychiatric Society and the IT and Innovation Branch are creating new health data in order to help our fellow patients who are so tested today. We will then propose further actions to address the consequences of the pandemic," the statement from the Hellenic Psychiatric Society said.

More information can be found here.