One last Zeibekiko before lockdown in Greece

One man wasn’t ready for lockdown in Greece unless he danced Ζεϊμπέκικο (Zeibekiko) and expressed his inner self, his most intense feelings, in the middle of a road in Katerini, a city in northern Greece.

The man is not dancing for the audience, but for himself as he takes a journey into his own personal abyss.

His ‘fans’, aka neighbours, observed social distancing, cheering and clapping for the man from their balconies.

Toilet paper and tissues were also thrown, an item which in many countries has become scarce, amid coronavirus panic buying.

The song a man chooses to dance to, expresses his deep feelings sadness, life’s despair, suffering and enduring pain.

Effective from 6 a.m. on Monday 23rd March, in an attempt to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Greece went into lockdown.

The Greek lockdown explained. Find out more here.

*Credit: Giwrgos Louvaris 

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