‘War-like’ scenery on the Greek Evros border (VIDEOS)

Greek Evros border

Tension continues at the Greek Evros border, with chemicals and stones ‘raining down on the Greek forces from illegal immigrants and Turkish police on the other side of the fence.

The war-like scenery begun again when illegal immigrants attempted to storm and ‘tear down’ parts of the fence.

“Evros won’t fall” patch on the shoulder of a Greek soldier
“Evros won’t fall” patch on the shoulder of a Greek soldier

The immigrants who want to illegally enter Greece and Europe, are encouraged by Turkish police, who launched tear gas grenades against the Greek defending forces.

In response, a specialised armoured vehicle ‘DAVID’ was sent to the Kastanies border. The firefighting vehicle which has a tank capacity of 12.5 tons (12500 kg) of water and a ‘cannon’ range of about 35 meters, can extinguish fires in particularly inaccessible areas.

It has also come to light from Turkish media footage, that the migrant camp on their side of the fence is being disinfected. This evidence raises questions if there are coronavirus cases among the illegal immigrants, or if the Turkish authorities are concerned for their health.


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