Turkish FM accuses Greece of the 'inhumane treatment' of refugees

IMG 20200324 202934

IMG 20200324 202934

With tensions continuing on land and sea, the Greek government foresees ongoing turmoil with Ankara, as they continue their strategy of firing tear gas and stun grenades over the Greek Evros border.

Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace on Monday over the northeastern coast of Chios, in an effort to continue aggravating Greek military authorities.

Contrarily, Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, continues to accuse Greece of the 'inhumane treatment' of refugees at its border, in a recent article he wrote for the Financial Times. In the same article, he condemned the European Union for excusing the behaviour.

“The EU was meant to be a world power that stood as a beacon for human rights and respect for the international rules-based order. But unless something is done about Greece’s treatment of refugees, and the frenzied support it still receives from the EU, that claim will collapse,” he said.