The Greek National Anthem is proudly sung at the Greek Evros border (VIDEO)

Greek Evros border (VIDEO)

Greek Evros border (VIDEO)

Everyday, police officers and guards posted at the Greek Evros border continue to fight hordes of illegal immigrants trying to storm and 'tear down' parts of the fence, in order to illegally enter Greece and Europe.

They are encouraged by Turkish police, who launch tear gas grenades against the Greek defending forces.

On Greek Independence Day, just 10 metres away from the barbed wire fence that divides Greece and Turkey, the border guards sent a strong message to Turkey and sung the Greek National Anthem with pride!

The Greek National Anthem was heard far beyond the border, that has become a battleground amidst the global health crisis.

At 11:30am, a pair of F-16 Air Force jets also flew over Kastanias (Evros), Alexandroupolis, Kavala, Limnos, Lesvos and Chios.

In Kastanias, the Greek flag was hoisted in by the Guards and the Greek National Anthem was recited.