Infected German lecturer first virus fatality on the island of Crete

Andreas Hilboll

Andreas Hilboll

The University of Crete on Thursday announced the death of Andreas Hilboll, a 42-year-old German lecturer who was buried on the island after dying from Covid-19, the first coronavirus death in Crete.

Hilboll, who was from University of Bremen, was teaching at the University of Crete and reportedly did not suffer from any underlying health issues, as is often the case with Covid-19 fatalities.

Health authorities on the island reported that the man developed a fatal complication observed in several serious coronavirus cases worldwide.

He was buried in the city of Heraklion's new cemetery, while the University of Crete released a condolences statement praising the young academic as a valuable member of the scientific community.

The University of Crete also said that all the students who had attended Hilboll’s lectures are in fine health, although deeply shocked.

Andreas Hilboll was an atmospheric scientist and postdoc researcher, and a permanent member of the teaching and research staff at the Bremen university's Institute of Environmental Physics.