Doctors and nurses on coronavirus frontline share powerful message

Hospital of Larissa

Hospital of Larissa

Not all heroes wear capes and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the real heroes wear scrubs.

Health care workers worldwide like doctors, nurses, EMTs, pharmacists and others are on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus.

They expose themselves to the risk and some are separating themselves from their families for weeks to avoid transmitting the deadly virus to them.

Other frontline workers who are helping to keep society going amid the crisis include grocery store staff, cleaning staff, delivery drivers, transit workers, airline workers, police, firefighters, teachers and anyone who works with the public.

Doctors and nurses from The University Hospital of Larissa shared on social media an appeal to Greek citizens to stay home. The photo depicts some of them posing together holding papers that read: "We stay here for you, you stay home for us."

Staying at home (#menoumespiti) in this urgent moment is our best defence to turn the tide against coronavirus, as experts say people avoiding contact with others is crucial to slowing the spread of the disease and preventing hospitals from becoming overwhelmed with a spike in patients.

From the team at GCT, we want to thank all the frontline workers worldwide for their dedication and sacrifice. A million thank you's doesn't even cut it. You are truely heroes.