Ikaria and Mykonos under lockdown as coronavirus infected businessman visits from UK



The novel coronavirus has 'struck' the son of a businessman who after returning from London, 'broke' the quarantine regulations and travelled to Mykonos and Ikaria.

According to reports, he will be transferred today to one of the hospitals in Athens that is capable of treating coronavirus patients.

The 25-year-old and his two friends arrived in Greece on March 12 and defied the government regulations to self isolate for 14 days.

Arriving in Ikaria on March 23, the group visited supermarkets in the Armenistis area to buy supplies, and visited a pharmacy as the 25-year-old allegedly already had symptoms of the coronavirus.

They stayed at the businessman's family home in Raches, a village in Ikaria, but also spent time walking around the village visiting shops and even a bakery in Agios Polykarpos. Once it became known that the 25-year-old was the first confirmed case on the island, the bakery was shut down.

Authorities are also making every effort to trace all the contacts the man had on the island from the day he travelled to Mykonos up until yesterday, where he transported to the local hospital.

Authorities hope that those who came intocontact with him, will voluntarily come forward to report it.

At the hospital the 25-year-old recalled his travel history, reported his symptoms, gave a sample, and was then transferred to his home with the instruction to remain in isolation for 14 days.

However, his health deteriorated and he is expected to be transferred today via an Airbus Helicopter Super Puma (at a cost of 5000 euros) to one of hospitals in Athens that is capable of treating coronavirus patients.