Where Greece ranks globally in coronavirus cases



With 1,156 confirmed coronavirus cases, Greece is ranked 40th in the list of the countries with confirmed cases, compared to the 32nd position it was ranked one week ago.

The top five in confirmed cases are the US (141,125), Italy (97,689), China (81,439), Spain (80,110) and Germany (62,095).*

Greece also has approximately 102 confirmed cases per one million population (double in comparison with last week), a rate that places Greece very low, at 66th worldwide compared to the 55th last Sunday 22 March and only 22nd among the EU countries.

The worldwide average of cases per million population is about 85.

Greece with 38 deaths, ranks 28th worldwide in the number of victims, from the 24th it was last week.

The top five countries in the number of deaths from the coronavirus are Italy (10,779), Spain (6,803), China (3,300), Iran (2,640) and France (2,606).

The world average is 4 deaths per million inhabitants, and at the moment Greece is below the average.

*As of publication of article