74 year old woman from Halkida sews masks to help hospital

74 year old Eleni Houliara from Halkida is making valuable use of her time in isolation.

At a time when the whole country is feeling the devastating effects of the coronavirus, the elderly  woman (categorised as vulnerable) is doing something productive whilst in quarantine, by making masks for doctors and nurses at the Halkida hospital which is experiencing a great shortage.

From the comfort of her living room in her home, Eleni is sewing surgical masks and giving them to the hospital for free.

An act of kindness such as this shows an incredible display of humanity, keeping us optimistic that a collective effort can make a difference and also hopeful that this whole ordeal at some point will be overcome.

There are ways that each and every one of us can rise in times of adversity and show empathy by the actions that we choose.

Photos inside Eleni Houliara’s home showing the masks that she makes herself
*Photo inside Eleni Houliara’s home showing the masks that she has been sewing to help hospital staff during the coronavirus pandemic