Greece quarantines refugee camp after migrants test positive for coronavirus

Ritsona coronavirus

Ritsona coronavirus

Greek authorities have placed a refugee camp north of the Greek capital under quarantine, after 20 of its residents tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Migration and Asylum Ministry said the Ritsona camp (on the island of Euboea) would be quarantined from Thursday for 14 days. Under the quarantine rules, no one will be allowed in or out of the camp during this time.

Earlier in the week, a woman living at the facility had tested positive for coronavirus after giving birth at an Athens hospital. Health authorities immediately began tracking the people she had come into contact with.

The ministry said 63 people were tested in the camp, and 20 were found to be positive for the novel virus. Of those 20, none of them showed any symptoms. No staff at the camp tested positive either.

Authorities will continue testing the camp’s 2,500 residents over the next few days.