Greece-Italy solidarity deepens amid coronavirus pandemic

Greece and Italy

Greece and Italy

On Friday, the Greek Foreign Ministry held a ceremony in solidarity with Italy, where the death toll from the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to rise.

According to the latest data, Italy has reported 115,242 coronavirus cases and 13,915 fatalities.

Officials raised the flags of Greece and Italy as the two countries’ national anthems played.

The ceremony was attended by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, Italian Ambassador Efisio Luigi Marras and Parliament speaker Kostas Tasoulas.

During the ceremony, Dendias spoke of “an expression of love, support and solidarity with the Italian people, a people close friend of Greece, who is being tested as much as anyone else today by the pandemic of the coronavirus.”

As Marras pointed out with this symbolic ceremony, “the ancient and indestructible bonds that unite our two peoples are expressed.”

“I call on the Greek friends to follow carefully the clear, direct and prudent suggestions of their government,” he concluded.

The building of the Greek Parliament will be lit up in Italian colours tonight.