The world may be running out of face masks, but you can make one yourself

face mask sewing pattern
coronavirus mask
Image Credit: It's always autumn

Interest in DIY medical equipment has exploded in recent weeks, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to cause severe shortages of medical supplies including masks, gloves, and other protective gear.

Nia Vardalos, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ writer and star, has urged her followers to wear masks in public to slow the spread of the coronavirus, even if that means making a homemade face mask.

"I don’t care what you make your mask out of, please make sure it has at least two layers (one cotton) and please only touch the sides of it and with clean and washed hands. Please don’t post on my page disagreeing with me. You have your own page for that. Just stay home and if you have to go out for work or your pet or groceries, please wear a mask," she posted on her social media account.

Nia Vardalos
Image Credit: Nia Vardalos

Homemade face masks are not as effective as surgical masks or N95 respirators, however experts say they're better than nothing for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

"Other countries have flattened the curve. By wearing a mask! Arrogance and ignorance don’t win against this virus. You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you know wearing a mask if you have to go outside is the key to beating this virus. I care about you, we can do this. Wear a mask! Please," she continued.